Just some “kubectl” shortcuts

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# kubectl shortcuts
alias kc="kubectl"
alias kcg="kubectl get"
alias kcga="kubectl get --all-namespaces"
alias kcgy="kubectl get --output=yaml"
alias kcgw="kubectl get --output=wide"
alias kcge="kubectl get events"
alias kce="kubectl edit"
alias kcd="kubectl describe"
alias kcdel="kubectl delete"
alias kcl="kubectl logs"
alias kcx="kubectl exec -it"
alias kcvy="kubectl version -o=yaml"
alias kcpf="kubectl port-forward" # <localhost-port>:<remote-port>
alias kcrr="kubectl rollout restart deployment"
alias kcrs="kubectl rollout status deployment"
alias kck="kubectl kustomize"
alias kcneat="kubectl neat | yq"
alias kns="kubens"
alias kctx="kubectx"
alias kz="kustomize"
alias kdd="kubedd"

# minikube shortcuts
alias mkb="minikube"

# microk8s shortcuts
alias mks="microk8s"
alias mkc="microk8s kubectl"

# multipass shortcuts
alias mps="multipass"



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