How to determine GCP project of a GCS bucket

Rakib Al Hasan
Apr 27, 2021


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The Problem Statement

When there are any issues with a GCS (google cloud storage) bucket in GCP (google cloud platform), our teams / SREs / executives would almost always know (either or all of) the following info about the bucket:

  • bucket name
  • public URL
  • authenticated URL
  • gsutil URL
  • etc etc

However, from these info, it’s not clear which GCP project (out of the gazillion GCP projects in an organization account) owns the specific bucket.

The Solution

Step 1: Determine projectNumber
using the bucket API explorer
> Just add the bucket name into the bucket field of the form and leave everything else default as it is.

Step 2: Determine PROJECT_ID
using the ‘gcloud projects list’ command

gcloud projects list --filter="projectNumber:<PROJECT_NUMBER>"

Thus, you can find out the PROJECT_ID / PROJECT_NAME of the GCS bucket.




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